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Basic Facts about Functional Medicine

Unlike the traditional medicine that focuses on the treatment of disease symptoms, functional medicine is more concerned about the identification and addressing of the genesis of diseases. For far too long the health sector has focused on the treatment of acute diseases such as pneumonia and tuberculosis. But of late there has been an increase in the number of patients that are battling chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart diseases, and autoimmune diseases and this is changing the practice of medicine as we know it.

Functional medicine offers a whole different perspective on health that is potentially helpful. It uses a different yet practical approach and model to prevent and manage chronic and complex diseases. Functional medicine focuses more on taking care of the whole individual and less on the treatment of manifested symptoms. Functional medicine appreciates the fact that symptoms manifested can be caused by multiple and different diseases which calls for a diverse and personalized approach when treating the patient as an individual depending on the causes.

Doctors spending a lot of time with their patients is what characterizes the practice of functional medicine. This time is used by the functional medicine doctors to discuss a wide range of things about the patient such as their exercise patterns, traumas, exposure to toxins and their lifestyle and not just their medical symptoms. After the discussion, the doctor and the patient then figure out the underlying cause of the disease the patient is suffering from. They will probe factors such as genetic makeup.diet, activity, stress, exposure to toxins in the environment and the general lifestyle of the patient.

You can liken functional medicine to a map that is used to navigate the underlying factors that lead to the development of chronic conditions. You will find out that some chronic diseases need treatment of more than one imbalance. Obesity, for instance, may be caused by imbalances in exercise, diet, gut flora, hormones, exposure to toxins. One of the mentioned imbalances such as inflammation can also cause other multiple chronic conditions. The model and approach of the functional medicine is to study the imbalances and with the objective of balancing them and restoring lasting health of patients.

If you have visited a doctor, got treated and still felt sick then you should consider functional medicine. Functional medicine is also strongly recommended for patients whose medication has side effects or if they are unresponsive to the medication. Patients with cardiometabolic conditions such as diabetes, high, heart disease and blood pressure are also encouraged to try functional medicine. Attention deficit disorder, migraine headaches, depression or any other form of neurological and psychiatric conditions can be treated by functional medicine. If you have skin disorders, autoimmune disease, hormonal problems or digestive disorder then you should also try functional medicine.

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