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The Importance of Having an Automated External Defibrillator

AEDs are very important since it is one device that can help save the lives of people having a cardiac arrest.

There are many TV shows that show someone experiencing heart failure and is given shock treatment using a jolt of electricity to the person’s chest. This procedure does not have to be done only in hospitals. You can even do this at home or in the workplace if you have the AED device available. This is a device which is lightweight and portable and does not need a prescription to purchase. People who have severe heart disease are always at risk of sudden cardiac arrest. It is only when a person has a specific type of heart rhythm problem that an AED can help save a person’s life. It is important that you determine if an AED could help save your life and your doctor can help you in making this decision.

If anyone suffers a sudden cardiac arrest, AED can help revive him. When the heartbeat dangerously fast or irregularly due to a disruption in the heart’s electrical activity, then cardiac arrest happens. The heart cannot pump effectively because its rhythm has been altered. Without the hearts pumping, blood flow to your brain and vital organs will stop and this can cause death in a very short amount of time. You can have permanent damage to your brain and other organs if you survive. This is why it is important to restore the heart’s rhythm fast.

If you happen to see a person having a cardiac arrest and there is AED near you, simply attach its self-sticking pads to his chest. The irregular rhythm of your heart can be read by the device and so to correct this, electrical shock is sent to your heart. Your life can be saved if the jolt restores your heart’s normal rhythm if used within minutes. CPR helps keep your blood flowing to your heart and brain for a time, but only AED can restore heart’s normal rhythm. Your chances of survival are improved with both CRP and the use of AED.

AED is usually carried by police and ambulance crews. You can also find AED in public places like office buildings, malls, sports arenas, and airplanes. But cardiac arrest does not only happen in public places and most of the time, it simply happens at home; this is the reason why you also need an AED in your home in cases of emergency which can lead to sparing the life of a person having a cardiac arrest.

Thousands of lives can be saved if AEDs are put where they are needed most. It is important to have an AED in your home if someone in your family is at high risk of cardiac arrest; you will not regret it if you do.

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