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Men and Counselling ; Why it is Good for You

Becoming the alpha ,that right there is the goal. Getting things done and doing them excellently. Receiving endless compliments for a job well done from collegues, friends and family or smashing the glass ceiling with that business you’ve being building. Your wife and children sending you those happy vibes. The society noticing that you are now the big bad and wanting you to show them just how you do it or something like that. All of these can seem like a far fetched dream when the opposite is actually your reality. If that’s your wish you actually have a horse to ride on, counselling.
You’ve heard it all, you can’t cry you are a man and men don’t talk about their feelings that’s for women until it becomes pretty clear that whoever who was dishing it this memo forgot to give life one. It’s a good thing someone thought that you needed a safe space to de-stress and made a quiet place where you can just talk about you and cry all you want without making you feel like an idiot. With counselling you are getting a first class ticket to the land of self- awareness so as to be in a position to handle everything.
Once the junk is out your brain goes on to focus on what needs your immediate attention. Rome wasn’t built in a day and expecting to run the world is all a fantasy but if you are doing just great things around you will catch the vibe and start falling in place. We all wish worry isn’t something we had to deal with. Counseling is very much a fixer as it shows you how to bend with worry so that you don’t break and find a way around it if you can’t get rid of it. Stress and anxiety are evils you can’t avoid and facing them with counselling as an ally is the best option.

You can say anything that’s on your mind , the real trick is knowing exactly how to do that. Counselling helps you with your way of passing information such that whoever get’s it, receives it clearly but without feeling attacked. It will almost feel like you are half way there. Next move with counselling is they hand you a tool box with the tools you will need to go about life a day at a time. With shifts starting to happen in your life and everything wanting to know how they happened the answer of the tongue now belongs to you. Does it all depend on counselling no but that doesn’t stop counselling from facilitating it.

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